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It's an invaluable learning experience for both parents and children, and available for just a few short years. I can often tell with older children if they have had a healthy musical start to their lives by how their natural, easy intelligence and confidence.

It's fun and interactive. I can see the results of my daughter listening to the cds, remembering the movements we've done in class and flourishing musically at home especially as my husband plays the songs on his guitar. The CD gives us something to follow musically as a family.

My son loves this program and so do I. Not only is this a great environment for young children to begin their education with music, but a positive facility where they can learn to be social with other children in their age group. The variety in the classes is wonderful and I can see improvement with my son's music ability each week. I grew up with music being a huge part of my life and I love being able to participate early on in encouraging my son's development with other teachers and parents.

I would recommend this program to other parents because it is a wonderful experience to bond with your child and watch them grow. Also, my daughter is now making up her own songs and her vocabulary and language skills are just blossoming!

We've had a fabulous time. Love the staff & the program. Love learning music with my son, Archer. Would highly recommend (and have!) to anyone.

Have seen such incredible growth in not only my own child, but the other children in the class. The class really brings the little ones out of their shells and the effect certainly went beyond the class itself for us.

I love the experience for my daughter and for me. It is so great to see her learning so much!

I love the space. I like that there a thoughtful toys and a social waiting area. That there is a clean changing area and that the classroom is light and bright.

I love going to Heartsong Music every week, and look forward to continuing my sons music education.

My daughter is excited the minute we pull into the parking lot and loves it especially when we arrive early so that she has a chance to play!

We love Heartsong and drive across town to attend classes.

Excellent info at parent Ed Night!!

Everyone is super friendly and we love the setup in the front room, where the toys are kept. It's a great spot for socializing with other moms, too.

The entire experience overall has been wonderful and we are coming back for our third semester!

I appreciate the varied use of the space, and love the play area for the kids. It makes for a nice transition (sometimes a little painful!) out of class. Family Fun Night is always a joyful chaotic time, and Parent Ed Night is a must for all parents. The staff is wonderful - it's fun doing a make-up class with another teacher just for variety.

I am so thankful for the community that Music Together® has provided for us.

Excellent teachers, great way to spend time with your child!

Edie is amazing! Not only is she fun but she also really engages each child and makes them feel noticed and important. My daughter can't wait to come to class.

Winter 2009 participant

We had the summer off, but it was so great to start back today. When we pulled into the parking lot Seth recognized where we were and exclaimed "Lala's (music) yay!!!" We had a great first class back with Michelle and when we were leaving Seth wanted, "More lalas". We'll be back next week for sure. One of my closest friends start with her sons tomorrow, after I have badgered her for two years about how wonderful ya'll are and I am so excited for her and the boys! Just wanted to let ya'll know that we love Music Together, our "lalas" class.

Jennifer Rochelle

Abby was wonderful. She had a great repoire with the children and is talented musically. My daughter and I enjoyed the music and activities in class each week.

Spring 2006 Family

Michelle is an enthusiastic instructor with eager parents and children. Always fun for everyone! This has been an amazing semester for us. It is only our 2nd semester and my child has begun to show signs of steady rhythm and tone recognition. Thanks Michelle and Music Together!

Deborah Arya

Vanessa was excellent at including all the children, including "Spiderman" and "Benten" (3 year old who came in costume to class). Vanessa was always upbeat, energetic, and a great leader for parents (who aren't experienced with music). Great experience for all of us!

Spring 2008 Family

Becca was very interactive with the children and made the experience both fun and educational. My child now dances all the time, even when there is no music.

Spring 2008 Family

Abby is very warm, spontaneous and strong musically.

Spring 2006 Family

My niece LOVES to sing and dance and I feel it is very related to Becca's class. This class provides her a learning outlet as well. There is obviously a lot of research and planning that goes into these classes.

Spring 2008 Family

Abby is wonderful and fun and a very warm person. We love the program! We sing all the songs all the time.

Faye McKnight

Michelle was outstanding. She is very welcoming, friendly, encouraging and educational - not intimidating. The program was fabulous! It was a great experience.

Brooke Laws

Hooray for Vanessa! She was so warm and cheerful with the children. She created a comfortable environment for all of us to explore music. The children gravitate to her smile and she's great at making a point to connect with each one at some point during class. Vanessa is also a wonderful musician!

Spring 2008 Family

We really like Becca as a teacher. The class is wonderful. The music is great, and we listen to our CD all the time in the car.

Spring 2008 Family

Abby is awesome. This program is the one activity that I can see my child growing and learning from every moment...it's also fun to watch the other children in class grow and change.

Winter 2006 Family

Michelle is fantastic - great singing and guitar playing and has a special gift for drawing everyone in and making each child feel included and special.

Jennifer Misko

It's nice to find something we both enjoy so much. And Vanessa Kidd is such a great teacher! She has so much energy and is so sweet with all the kids. I also liked the unstructured environment. It was great to relax and let my child be herself. We will continue to sing and move and look back on our Heartsong experience with music and love in our hearts!

Spring 2008 Family

Music Together with Becca has been such a wonderful experience for not only my child, but for the entire family. I am so grateful for the opportunity that the classes present to us. We have grown so much.

Spring 2008 Family

Abby is great with all of the different learners in the room and she makes the parents feel comfortable singing.

Lisa Schwarzwald

Vanessa is AWESOME! Vanessa has been absolutely wonderful. She picks up on how children are improving and afterwards uses that for the next activity of the song. She is very personable and great with adults and children. Maracas was great! Our family really enjoyed these songs.

Spring 2008 Family

Becca's energy level is very contagious. I love her class, and the kids love her too.

Spring 2008 Family

Vanessa is fantastic. I highly recommend her. She really gets to know the kids and she remembers things about them from class to class. And she is enthusiastic and professional. I have many wonderful memories of music this session!

Spring 2008 Family

My friend, Carey Youngblood, has an AWESOME Music Together studio in central Austin. She is one of the most LOVING persons I know in the world, and she lives to share the gift of music with children and their families. I have a bachelor's degree in MUSIC and taught music for several years, and am very critical of any type of musical instruction, and this program is top notch! And, you bring the music home to share with your family at home. Also-they ENCOURAGE you to come and play in their lobby/play room before and after classes-so it's a great mommy/parent and child hang-out!

Lynn Peterson

When I see a recommendation for Carey Youngblood, I have to chime in.  She is a VERY dear friend of mine.  My girls started taking classes with her when we moved here almost 8 years ago. The only thing I've ever really done besides homeschooling is Early Childhood Education.  I have a master's degree in Education, but more importantly, was raised by a pre-school teacher and have been around pre-school teachers all of my live.  Carey is one of those one-in-a- million teachers that you search for and search for and hardly ever find.  She is a woman with a beautiful soul and she loves children and music equally.  More than anything, she values every other soul she meets.  I would put her in the top three of all of the teachers I've ever known, and I've known LOTS of pre-school teachers. Bottom line - you will feel better about yourself after you are with her for a few minutes.  And she loves children - can you imagine how your child will feel? She has a great facility near Burnet and Anderson Lane.  The waiting room is like a Montessori classroom (she has Montessori training) and is such a wonderland the kids never want to go home.  From what she says, the mothers have started their own little community and often have park days afterwords, etc.


Dear Carey, thanks for such a great year of classes. Mollie has enjoyed it beyond words. She was born with a love for music, but this class has allowed her to explore rhythm and sound (even pitch and tone) well beyond what I could teach her at home. Further, she has learned self-confidence as she is less shy about singing in front of the class (and anyone who will listen!). I hope she continues to express herself musically. I can tell you that I find myself singing everything to her - I can make a song from just about anything - brushing teeth, eating our broccoli, going to school. I owe that talent to you as well!

You are an AMAZING teacher and fascinating to observe. The love you have for children and music is so apparent each and every day. It amazes me how you maintain your energy level throughout the day, class after class. If I could describe the class with only one word, it would be "happy." You're always smiling, the songs are upbeat and fun, and kids are laughing. It's just a happy place to be.

Lindsay Maresh

Carey's class has been an excellent experience. We can't wait until next semester. She is very talented. The program has been great for the both of us; my daughter really loved music before starting class and this class is really helping to bring out her musical talents and to bring her out of her shell.

Lisa Schnur

Abby is an awesome singer! Great with the kids! Makes the class fun! My kids adore her..we love it here. We love that it is a happy, friendly, relaxed place to come.

Heidi Murphy

Michelle is very enthusiastic! The program has been amazing. My non-speaker has developed musical confidence and is no longer afraid to try and speak. She's becomming a chatterbox and acquiring more words every day."

Deborah Arya

Abby is the biggest influence in Dillon’s week. Thank you for the wonderful instruction and unbelievable patience.

Mari Allen Hanna

Carey is very interactive with adults and children, it is very obvious that she loves the kids - some people just "have it" and it's obvious that she does. My daughter goes right to her-even our 1st time. We were extremely pleased and felt that it was better than any other music classes we've ever taken.

Felicia Nash

Carey is amazing. Her energy and ability to stay on task (fun task!) with that many adults and children is awesome. The program is very well organized with high energy. Heartsong Music has a wonderful, bright, clean environment!

Kristin Wold

Carey is fantastic. I love her and so does my daughter. She is always upbeat and encouraging. Jayne always loved music but this experience has brought out more singing and rhythm than I ever thought possible at 19 and 20 months of age..whoa!!

Amy Lickteig

Michelle is very engaging and fun! I really like that she teaches us mini music lessons..The program is great! I would and do highly recommend her and this center to my friends."

Chris Freedman

Carey is amazing. Best thing we could do for Eli (and Mommy and Daddy)! I wasn't sure how much Eli would get out of it at 6 1/2 months, boy was I wrong! He is so much more vocal, loves his CD and his musical toys the best.

Lori Reuter

Carey's wonderful - so engaged, expert in redirection, encouraging. I can't say enough about her. She's just delightful. I am amazed by the skills my son has gained, thrilled with Carey and convinced this program has been essential in my son's musical development.

Jennifer Hritz

Carey is such a patient and nurturing instructor. My daughter is a classic kinestic learner. I appreciate Carey's understanding. I really appreciate how she explains to the class the different learning styles. It was a great experience

Winter 2006 Family

In Michelle's class it is very comfortable, fun and educational for me and my daughter. It is an encouraging environment. It is a great experience unlike any other mother/child class!

Alexis Streber

I HIGHLY recommend Carey. She is FANTASTIC & an EXCELLENT, PATIENT & VERY CARING teacher! Carey's classes are so much FUN for the kids and the adults!!

I encourage you to give one of the Open Houses/demo classes a try....it's FREE! During each Open House, she will have a "demo class" where you can join in on the singing, dancing, instrument playing, etc. and get a feel for what the classes are like....they're WONDERFUL!!!

Happy Singing!!!

Jennifer Ghai

Carey, thank you for touching so many lives with your music. You are so good with children. You touch our hearts.

Dan and Jeanene Leslie

To your unbridled enthusiasm, your boundless energy and your happy spirit - for selflessly sharing your musical talent with so many young children and serving as an inspiration and positive role model for our daughter, Erin, we thank you!

Debbie Day and Robert Floyd

Carey, thank you so much for all the wonderful Music Together classes you have shared with Gigi! Each class has been a beautiful experience for us because of you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of music! I know that the impact that you have made will be with Gigi forever!

Corrine Ferguson

Edie is wonderful- engaging with the children and families- fun and silly but not over the top. Helps us to understand why a certain song or activity is helpful for our child's development and I like that-

Winter 2009 participant