Heartsong Music Foundation

We are proud to announce that we created our own non-profit in July 2017. It is called Heartsong Music Foundation. Our mission is to bring the Music Together® In-School program to underserved preschools in the Austin area. This fall semester of 2017, we are going to three east Austin preschools and hope to add more preschools as we hire more teachers. We have been bringing the Music Together In-School program to underserved preschools since 2013, working with other non-profits. The schools that we have been going to are so appreciative of our work with their students and families. We make sure that each family takes home a songbook collection. This way the children are experiencing the Music Together curriculum with a once a week music class with one of our Heartsong Music teachers, also in their classrooms throughout the week with their classroom teachers, and are also enjoying the music in their homes.

The benefits to the children are huge:

  • singing, rhythmic, language, and motor skill development;
  • socialization growth;
  • emotional expression through singing and dancing;
  • community building experiences; 
  • and more adults in their lives who love them, respect them, and from which to model.

Research has shown that children who are in underserved/underprivileged preschools have less chance of physical and/or emotional abuse if they receive “specials” in preschool. More confidence is developed, many healthy adult to child interactions are experienced so children experience what it is like to be treated with respect, and more language skills are developed so they are better able to express their needs and wishes to their caregivers. If you would like to donate to our non-profit, it is tax deductible.

Our mission is to make this world a better place by making it more musical, one child at a time.

Please click here NOW to make a donation online or call (512) 371-9506 to make a donation over the phone.