About Heartsong Music

Heartsong Music was founded in 2004 by Carey Youngblood, a certified Montessori teacher who has been involved in teaching children and youth choirs for over 40 years. After teaching Music Together® at Armstrong Community Music School downtown, she realized north Austin needed a music center—one that focused on young children and brought the ideas of Montessori teaching, Music Together, and community-based learning together. Heartsong Music was born, classes filled quickly, and today over 770 children per week experience the joys of music-making. In 2013, Heartsong was acknowledged at Music Together's Annual Conference with an award for reaching over 10,000 enrollments. Heartsong was acknowledged again in 2014 at Music Together's Annual Conference with an award for the center with the highest growth, bringing joy to over 900 children each week. Heartsong celebrated its 10th Anniversary on November 15th, 2014 with an incredible music-making extravaganza that included "Uncle" Gerry from the Music Together recordings. Heartsong also held an amazing silent auction during the event to raise funds to bring weekly Music Together classes to underserved preschools in East Austin. Click here to see photos from this special celebration.

Carey believes that Austin families, with their enthusiasm for both music and providing quality experiences for their children, are the foundation of Heartsong Music. Heartsong Music has surpassed Carey’s dreams by becoming a true community of diverse families and enthusiastic, loving, and talented teachers bonding through musical experiences.

Carey holds certifications from Association Montessori Internationale for three- to five-year-olds and from Montessori World Education Institute for five- to seven-year-olds, and she has a degree in vocal performance from Austin College in Sherman, TX. From 1977 to 1997, she performed in choirs and musical theatre productions. With a desire to guide families to share the joy of music with their young children, Carey began her Music Together Teacher Training in 2001 and completed the final certification, Level II, in 2005.



"Our class was the highlight of our week. I can't speak for my little one, but my husband and I often vocally anticipated our class each week and were sad when it was done. We left class feeling energized and recharged from the weekly chaos. Our family faced some hardships this semester, and I honestly believe that this class was one bright point to help carry us through the turmoil. THANK YOU!"

"I signed up for his course to give my kids more musical knowledge and to offer them a bounding opportunity. My oldest child has been so excited to see our toddler's musical milestones and there is always something exciting to share at the dinner table. Both of my children have grown because of this class and my daughter has also worked through some early sensory issues and now music is a great tool for soothing her."

"My son loved music before we signed up, and that is why we signed up. The classes have expanded his musical vocabulary. He has a much more noticeable sense of rhythm and and pitch. He sings songs un-prompted, and talks about "singing with other kids" all week long. He and I both look forward to class."

"Heartsong is a great place to connect with other families, even if you do so just during the class. We found it to be a nice way to interact with our little one outside of our normal routines. It also helped us to learn more about him and his preferences."

"My son has grown so much in just 12 weeks. It is also one of the few places we go where there is really nothing off limits - if he wants to stand by the window, that's fine. It is so nice not having to corral him or worry about unacceptable behavior. And he has learned throughout the session and become so much more engaged."

"Although I wasn't sure how much my daughter would like the classes when we did the demo (she was very young), she LOVES class, and so do I. I had no idea class would become one of the highlights of our week."


"Thanks so much for all you do! It definitely comes across in the class, the atmosphere at Heartsong, and with all of the teachers and staff I have met, how much you all truly care about children and getting their passion for music started early. My son has a deep love for music and I thank Heartsong for that!"

"Heartsong is one of the few places I've been to as a parent that genuinely accepts everyone and all styles of parenting. I feel supported and I know that my child is receiving an important musical foundation that is benefiting so many areas of her social and cognitive development. Plus, it's not obnoxious. Parents love this place at least as much as the children do. Heartsong is our happy place. It's clean, bright, and full of love and acceptance. I love it." 

"The curriculum and the teachers are all so excited and in love with music. My son is very musical and we sing, dance, and appreciate music at home. He was ecstatic to share the songs and hand movements with family and friends. It's a fantastic program with a great sense of community and appreciation for the importance of music."  

"I think the program is fabulous for a number of reasons: self confidence, language development, appreciation for music, imagination to name a few. What I love about Heartsong is that it really is all about the kids from the second you walk in." 

"Heartsong Music is such a safe and happy place to be. I really believe that it has provided me with extra parenting skills because of the tools it suggests for everyday incorporation. I tell my friends that provided you are willing to participate, it will become the highlight of your week - it has mine."

"My baby loves Heartsong. She starts to squeal whenever we walk into the building. I love how thoughtfully run it is, down to the hand sanitizer everywhere and the spare diapers and wipes you keep handy...Thanks for creating a comfortable space where kids can have fun and parents can, too!" 

"Heartsong is wonderful. And now that we're a part of other activities as well, it's easy to see how organized, educational, friendly, and safe this whole environment is for our kids. The whole family always benefits from the experience of our classes! What a win." 

"The whole organization and every class is the most organized activity I've ever seen for children.  Everything else pales in comparison."

"Enrolling my daughter at Hearstong has been one of the best parenting choices I've made. I'm so glad Heartsong exists. Not only does my daughter have fun, but I have a blast! We've also made great friends."

"The program at Heartsong Music is fantastic. It is a great learning experience for kids of all ages, even infants. I think that all children would benefit from the lessons learned here."

"I love the structure, love, helpful hints and info on child development. I love to learn about the reasons behind the teaching. My son has really started to sing all of the songs and really connect to the class even more. I think that has so much to do with your school and us starting when he was 6 months old. I love playing and learning with music in your loving environment." 

"We love coming to Heartsong and giving our kids the opportunity to practice music skills, interact with other kids, and learn through song and movement."  

"I've been amazed at my daughter's mental, verbal, and physical development in the last year and I attribute much of her growth to Heartsong. She sings all the time and she's not even 2!" 

"My son squeals when we walk into Heartsong. He is so thrilled to be at music class. His school uses the Music Together curriculum but we still take class at Heartsong because he loves it so much. And, we sing the CD in the car to and from school and at home."

"This was our first session. My son is 19 months and what I learned in class helped so much at home: sing instead of talk, and sing bye-bye (fill in the blank), to music. These things have helped me when setting new boundaries, helping him transition throughout the day, shift moods (both his and mine). And really 'bye-bye whatever' was worth the price of the class!"

"I have seen my daughter's musical sensibilities emerge at Heartsong and that has been such a special experience. I have an arsenal of songs to sing with her in any given moment."

"We love Heartsong. Such a great class!  It's a cherished activity that I share with my kids every week. It's something that we all really look forward to since I work full-time and this is our sacred activity every Monday together. Thank you for sharing this with us and being part of our childhood memories!"

"I believe in the Heartsong philosophy, all humans are musical. Heartsong is the perfect musical environment for young children as well as for those who are children at heart."

"We have completed almost all of the books and I have enjoyed every session. I am amazed at the unique feeling of community that Heartsong fosters with such ease!"

"I have recommended Heartsong Music to all of my friends with twins or multiple children. It is a wonderful activity that one parent can manage with more than one child of any age - it's a safe, childproof venue, that respects all types of learners."

"Heartsong Music is such a beautiful community.  As an introvert that doesn't sing, it has been a challenge.  I'm amazed at how comfortable I now feel singing and dancing and having fun with Music Together.  Oh and my son, he loves it too!"

"I think you all do a great job of really making community. I have made wonderful friends over the years at Heartsong.  As a stay-at-home-mom, Heartsong has been very helpful in connecting me to like-minded people and to a positive, fun space for my kids."

"Heartsong is fabulous in all regards! It has been an intimate and personal learning experience with my child, wonderful facility and a true family environment. The positive influence it has had on my child is noticeable for sure, all kids should be so lucky."

"Watching my child learn about music and carry music throughout his day has been an amazing experience. I hear him happily singing scales throughout the day. The community of teachers, other parents and other children has enriched our social network. We have developed some really special relationships with our music class families."

"It is almost a 2 hour round-trip drive for us to come to Heartsong, but it has been completely worth it! We both look forward to the days we get to attend. And the days in between are now filled with even more music and dancing than before we joined this program. Thank you so much for the vibrant energy you bring to us."

"Everyone at Heartsong is kind, loving, and encouraging. We enjoy seeing all the smiling faces. Also, making music together creates unique bonds with the other parents and children, even when you see them just once a week. It's a wonderful atmosphere."

"Carey and the whole staff are passionate about what they do and it shows in every class, demo, education night and fun night. You all are a gift to the Austin Community and to our children. I am so glad we found you."


"I think your studio is a lovely resource for families looking for a place to connect with each other, with music, and with themselves."

"The Music Together teachers are a strong group of women who serve their families well.  We are a community, with music as the common bond.  We play our instruments and move to the beat as we sing throughout the day.  After one and a half years with Heartsong, my two-year old grandson is happily joining in, able to keep the beat, remembers the words, plays instruments, and has given music an important place in his heart...which will continue throughout his life, I'm certain."

"The highlight of our week is coming to Heartsong.  We are comfortable attending the classes, know what to expect and are thrilled with the high-caliber and enthusiastic instruction."

“My house was filled with music before we ever began attending Heartsong Music, but since we started my children have blossomed musically. Even the loose structure of the Music Together format has encouraged my kids to explore their musical and creative horizons even more than before; and I was doing a pretty good job before! We were hooked ever since the first trial class.”

“The teachers at Heartsong are amazing - they make it fun and educational for the kids and parents, while providing a safe and encouraging environment for kids to express their creativity and learn to love music. Music is a huge motivator for my 20 month old and I strongly believe that is because of her experience at Heartsong over the past year and a half.”

“We loved it, from the first sample class we attended. I especially liked that the focus is on the fun, and that children are not pressured, but given the opportunity to experience music in a fun filled, encouraging environment. It is so difficult to get parents together to make music these days, so Heartsong Music has an important place in our lives.”

“Excellent family environment...laid back, kid-welcoming/encouraging...not just kid-friendly. Staff helpful with general child raising/teaching as well as that related to music. Big enough to give choices, small enough to know people. We love it.”

“Heartsong does a wonderful job of creating a clean, bright, safe, and fun place to play and sing. They also offer a lot of extra opportunities. I think Heartsong does a wonderful job of fostering a feeling of togetherness among all who attend, even strangers. You are not a stranger if you are a part of the Heartsong Family.”


"My son loves this program and so do I. Not only is this a great environment for young children to begin their education with music, but a positive facility where they can learn to be social with other children in their age group. The variety in the classes is wonderful and I can see improvement with my son's music ability each week. I grew up with music being a huge part of my life and I love being able to participate early on in encouraging my son's development with other teachers and parents."