Play, Play, Play!

Play for Play’s Sake!

One thing that is so wonderful about coming to music class is we know that while your child is making music, they are simultaneously supporting the most important developmental domains of early childhood – cognitive, language, socio-emotional, physical, and approaches to learning.

Yet, we believe in music for music’s sake. Music is a way of knowing, connecting and it’s a form of self-expression that is worthy of learning in and of itself!

Likewise, we believe in play for play’s sake.

We all know that play helps children learn, develop, and grow. Children need to play to explore, experience, and experiment with their environment in order to learn about themselves and the world around them. But time for unstructured play is diminishing in schools, at home, and especially outdoors. Technology plays a part, but grown-ups contribute by being focused on the product of play rather than the process of play. Children need time and space for unstructured play for no other reason than it is their way of being and becoming.

The children have a message for you in the attached song. Take a listen!

So will you allow for more play for play’s sake?

Music and Lyrics composed by: Michelle Jamail
Performed by: Ryan Jamail, Lila Myers
Background Singers and giggles: Joe McDermott, Michelle Jamail, Teddy Stones, Joseph Blackwood
Produced by: Joe McDermott