Carey Youngblood

I have been involved in music all my life. My mother had 4 children in 5 years and would sing us every song she knew at nap time in order to stay sane! My father played the ukulele and guitar and we would sing all the time – especially on road trips. My parents were not professional musicians – they just loved singing and making music. As a result, all 4 of us are singers and performers as adults, and music is a central part of our lives. When we get together for family reunions we gather around and sing!  We will sing together for hours!  In teaching Music Together®, I have the opportunity to guide families toward music making in their homes. It is the joy of my life.

I have a degree in vocal performance from Austin College, Sherman, Texas. I am a certified A.M.I. Montessori teacher for 3 – 5 year olds and am a certified M.W.E.I Montessori teacher for 5 – 7 year olds. I have been involved in teaching children and youth choirs for over 30 years. I have performed in choirs and in musical theater from 1977 – 1997. I took the Music Together Teacher Training in May, 2001, and Music Together Certification Level I training in 2003. I completed the final Certification Level II Music Together training in May, 2005. I play the guitar and have been teaching Music Together for the past 19 years. It is still my greatest joy to teach Music Together!!



"Carey did an amazing job! She makes all the kids and family fill safe and valued and it's an environment that's full of fun and learning." 

"Carey is a dream to sing with. She never has a bad day, and we always feel important in her life. She is the ultimate music teacher and I will always recommend her to others. She is an example of beauty in everything she does!" 

"Carey is a true professional musician and a born teacher. I taught for 13 years myself in the arts and I rank her as a high caliber instructor! The kids and parents adore her and she sets a loving classroom tone which excites and involves all the participants." 

"Carey's energy is so vibrant and her enthusiasm is infectious! I know my daughter enjoys her tremendously. After a class with Carey I am always inspired to be more joyful as a mother and to bring music and playfulness to all the little moments of our days together. Such a gift, thank you!" 

"Carey, thank you so much for all the wonderful Music Together classes you have shared with my daughter! Each class has been a beautiful experience for us because of you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of music! I know that the impact that you have made will be with her forever!" 

"My friend, Carey Youngblood, has an AWESOME Music Together studio. She is one of the most loving persons I know in the world, and she lives to share the gift of music with children and their families. I have a bachelor's degree in music and taught music for several years, and am very critical of any type of musical instruction, and this program is top notch! And, you bring the music home to share with your family. Also, you are encouraged to come and play in their lobby/play room before and after classes, so it's a great mommy/parent and child hangout!"

"When I see a recommendation for Carey Youngblood, I have to chime in. She is a very dear friend of mine. My girls started taking classes with her when we moved here almost 8 years ago. The only thing I've ever really done besides home schooling is Early Childhood Education. I have a master's degree in Education, but more importantly, was raised by a pre-school teacher and have been around pre-school teachers all of my live. Carey is one of those one-in-a- million teachers that you search for and search for and hardly ever find. She is a woman with a beautiful soul and she loves children and music equally. More than anything, she values every other soul she meets. I would put her in the top three of all of the teachers I've ever known, and I've known lots of pre-school teachers. Bottom line, you will feel better about yourself after you are with her for a few minutes. And she loves children! Can you imagine how your child will feel? The facility is great! The waiting room is like a Montessori classroom (she has Montessori training) and is such a wonderland the kids never want to go home. Mothers have even started their own little communities and often have park days afterwards." 

"Carey, thanks for such a great year of classes. My daughter has enjoyed it beyond words. She was born with a love for music but this class has allowed her to explore rhythm and sound (even pitch and tone) well beyond what I could teach her at home. Further, she has learned self-confidence as she is less shy about singing in front of the class (and anyone who will listen!). I hope she continues to express herself musically. I can tell you that I find myself singing everything to her. I can make a song from just about anything: brushing teeth, eating our broccoli, going to school. I owe that talent to you as well! You are an amazing teacher and fascinating to observe. The love you have for children and music is so apparent each and every day. It amazes me how you maintain your energy level throughout the day, class after class. If I could describe the class with only one word, it would be "happy." You're always smiling, the songs are upbeat and fun, and kids are laughing. It's just a happy place to be."

"Carey is very interactive with adults and children and it is very obvious that she loves the kids. Some people just "have it" and it's obvious that she does. My daughter goes right to her, even after our first time in class. We were extremely pleased and felt that it was better than any other music classes we've ever taken." 

"Carey is amazing. This is the best thing we could do for our son (and Mommy and Daddy)! I wasn't sure how much he would get out of it at 6 1/2 months, boy was I wrong! He is so much more vocal, loves his CD and his musical toys the best."

"Carey is wonderful, engaged, an expert in redirection, and encouraging. I can't say enough about her. She's just delightful. I am amazed by the skills my son has gained, thrilled with Carey and convinced this program has been essential in my son's musical development."