Alyssa Cummings

I don't think there was ever a time when music wasn't at the center of my life. I grew up the daughter of two musicians. My dad is a professor of music, a keyboardist and a composer, and my mom is a pianist and piano teacher. Music was always being played either on the stereo or by my parents, and for that I am so grateful.

I started taking piano lessons at 5, and then became interested in the violin around 10. I studied both instruments for a while, played in orchestras throughout high school, sang in choirs and became a piano performance major in college. While I loved the piano, I realized that I wanted to pursue teaching instead of performing, and went back to school and received my MA in Music Education with an emphasis in Kodaly. I taught music in public schools for 14 years (10 years in California and 4 years in Austin) until the birth of my daughter in 2012.

I heard of Music Together® for a long time and was always interested in it, but it wasn't until I took my 1-year-old daughter to her first class that I heard the "Hello Song" for the first time. What struck me immediately about the class and continues to amaze me in every class since is how quickly and strongly community is created. There's no competition. There's no judgement. There is just joy, play, and discovery. I could have given my daughter a similar music class at home, but what I couldn't give her is the experience of making music with others, and in my humble opinion, there is no greater joy. I am so grateful that I am able to give that to her with Heartsong, and I am thrilled to be able to join Heartsong as both a parent and a teacher!

Alyssa has completed Music Together's advanced training Certification Level 1. 


"Alyssa was fantastic. Her energy level was exactly what our family needed. Her gentile nature and inviting personality helped our little one enjoy the class at his level, and we saw him engage more and more each week in class, AND at home with the music provided."

"Alyssa is very inviting and adoring. I love her calm but energetic nature. She demonstrates appreciation for all students, regardless of age or level of participation. It is evident that Alyssa enjoys teaching this curriculum. She was familiar enough with the content to branch out and capitalize on teachable moments."

"We just wanted to let you know that Alyssa is like a celebrity to our son. He is so fascinated with her and just loves her so much. I feel like she really cares about each child's experience. She is always smiling and making class fun for everyone (even the adults)! We look forward to many more classes with her." 

"Alyssa is so warm and friendly. She is always smiling."

"This was our first session and we really enjoyed it.  Alyssa is very welcoming."

"Alyssa was amazing."

"Alyssa is so kind and patient. This is our second session with her and we'll likely choose her again."

"Alyssa is wonderful. She is so patient and kind and her enthusiasm for the music she shares makes class enjoyable for everyone involved."

"Alyssa has a beautiful voice, is so talented musically, and is wonderful with the kids."

"Alyssa was a great teacher. She had a lot of positive energy and made the classes very enjoyable!"

"Alyssa is absolutely wonderful."

"This was our second session with Alyssa and I just signed up for a third. Music class has become such a great Saturday morning tradition for us." 

"We couldn't be any happier. We look forward to Saturday mornings with Alyssa."