Jill Blackwood

Music has been a part of my life since I was born. My parents both love music and there was always a wide variety of music playing in our house: rock and roll, gospel, the Muppets, and everything in between. I remember my mom belting out silly songs to wake us up in the morning or to cheer us up when we were down. Dancing in the living room was not unheard of at our house!

My music training began in 5th grade when I joined the school band and I’ve been hooked ever since. I played saxophone in various music ensembles throughout school, also learning clarinet and flute. On a whim I auditioned for a musical theatre production in high school and eventually discovered my true love – singing! I earned a B.F.A degree in theatre with a music minor from Southwestern University where I was active as a musician in the symphonic and jazz ensembles and as a singer in University Chorale and Opera Theatre.

I have worked as a professional singer/actress for many years in and around Austin. I perform regularly at Zach Theatre, including the rewarding experience of performing in their professional theatre for children. Seeing those young faces light up at each performance was proof to me that music truly is a universal language!

As a mother of two boys and former Music Together® parent, I have seen first hand the benefits of the program and the amount of joy it can bring. As a teacher, I witness so much magic and I cherish all of the families I have had the pleasure of making music with. I am thrilled to join the Heartsong team and to continue to share my love of music with Austin families and their precious children.

Jill has completed her Certification Level I Music Together training. 



"Jill goes above and beyond to make every kid feel special and included. She has had a tremendous impact on my daughter and my heart is full of gratitude that we found Heartsong and Jill."

"Jill was extremely welcoming and great with the kids. My son asks for her by name each week, so she has made a great impression on him. She handles the logistics of the class well, I always know what to expect, what we are doing next. Jill has wonderful musicality, and a lovely voice. We have truly enjoyed our time with her."


"Jill couldn't have been more perfect! My granddaughter is absolutely fascinated by her and watches her every move! An almost one year old bounces to the music, playing percussion, issuing long, wailing sounds which I'm quite sure is singing! I have wanted to do this class for a long time and was finally able to! It was far beyond my expectations. I have been a teacher for 36 years and Jill is top quality, A++++. Thank you for this wonderful experience!"

"Jill is amazing! I love that she understands that all kids are different. I also love that she understands that sometimes kids need a transition time with musical instruments, and she gives them time to put them away even though the class has moved on to another song. Lastly, I absolutely love her enthusiasm and genuine excitement with teaching."

"Although we have been attending Music Together for some time, Jill made our experience much better than in the past. Her demeanor, professionalism, and ability to bring out the instruments right when needed helped my very active little boy engage completely in the class." 

"We have been taking with Jill for a year or nearly so and she is WONDERFUL. She is patient and accommodating of all types of child participation. She sets limits that are fair but also lets children enjoy the class in their own way (i.e. mine often prefer to skip around the room or dance in a circle). She goes out of her way to find the instrument or right color scarf that a child loves and adjusts class on the fly to meet the energy level of the group. She makes us feel welcome and we adore class."

"Jill is a wonderful instructor! Very engaging, present, and cheerful. We'll definitely take her class again!" 

"Jill was amazing. She had such a positive influence on my daughter. She engaged each student, at  each session. She made us feel welcome and truly special."

"We LOVE Jill! She brings such an amazing energy to each class and she is very kind and loving with the babies.  My son says "Jill" anytime he hears Heartsong music playing. She makes an amazing impression on the little ones." 

"Jill is a wonderful teacher. She is always upbeat, motivating, and very professional." 

"We love Jill! Our son warmed to her immediately and we love her enthusiasm, friendliness, beautiful voice, and spirit..."

"Jill is awesome with the kids. They were engaged and so happy. We love the philosophy and Jill is phenomenal."

"Both of my boys have loved Ms. Jill's class this year, and it has been great fun to see them grow in the music confidence and interest. Thank you for providing such a great experience for all of us." 

"Jill is fantastic! Professional, always truly happy and patient with the kids." 

"Jill has a beautiful voice and is wonderful with the children! Our son has blossomed this session with Miss Jill, and we are already signed up for the same class with her for the next session." 

"My son and I both loved Jill. She has great energy, a wonderful voice, and is really good at keeping a good flow to her class. Excellent teacher!"