Johann Robert Wood

 Memories of my magical music-making extend back to my first dance steps in front of the radio listening to my daddy's voice call his favorite oldies, country and gospel songs over the air. Mom singing, in her simple Alabama voice, "You Are My Sunshine" and "The Chocolate Ice Cream Song," and dad singing "Build Me You Buttercup" at the top of his lungs on road trips, serve as some of my favorite memories. Dancing with mom on the living room rug since infancy, translates easily to the joy I radiate today on the rugs of Heartsong Music.

Having sung, dance and acted in competitions, festivals, plays, musicals, nursing homes and churches across the South (particularly my home state Mississippi), I have continued in the tradition of musical theatre graduating with a B.F.A from Sam Houston State University in 2008. Upon moving to Austin, I worked with several local companies such as ZACH Theatre, Blue Lapis Light and Esther's Follies. 

I am excited to share my passion for singing and movement with the beautiful families of Heartsong and look forward to making many musical experiences together.


"Johann is a truly dynamic music teacher.  He displays so much enthusiasm and exuberance in his teaching and it is contagious.  It is inspirational to see him in action, as he is genuinely passionate about the music and the Heartsong program!  In addition, it's amazing how multi-talented he is. With grace and ease he beautifully sings, dances and plays the percussion instruments, guitar, piano and harmonica.  I am so happy that my 7 month old son has him as a model to begin his musical journey.  My son is very drawn to his energy and I have already seen my son grow in his musical exploration as a result.  He has been clicking his tongue to model the sound of the horse in the song "Trot, Old Joe".  In addition, he has been shaking the maraca to the beat and patting surfaces (miming drumming). We are having so much fun and I am excited to continue to watch my son's musical and social development with his experience with the Heartsong program and one of it's great facilitators, Johann!"

"Johann is fantastic, versatile, high-energy, super talented and fun! We love him!"

"Johann is an amazing teacher that inspires the children and the parents. He has a loving way with the kids and has energy that gets everyone involved in singing and dancing We love this class and Johann!"

"Johann has great energy! We, along with our son, have enjoyed singing, dancing, and making music with Johann and the class. We can see that he enjoys being a part of Heartsong and enjoys working with both parents and kids."

"Johann has a true gift for music and movement! His style is very natural and his attitude is so upbeat. You can't help but be enthusiastic along with him. I'm so glad he found a home at Heartsong!"

"Johann has such joyful enthusiasm, an awesome voice and positive energy. My daughter and I love his classes and appreciate his talents."

"Johann's voice and energy made our experience at Heartsong one of the best. His talent and smile are another excellent addition to Heartsong Music."

"Johann is amazing! His energy and passion for teaching is contagious. He is wonderful with the children! We love him!"

"Johann was warm and friendly. He explained methods and practices in an understandable way.  He has a beautiful voice and his piano playing went with the flow."

"Johann was great: energetic, "musically encouraging" and fun!"