Jessica Green

  My passion for music started early and started at home.  My mother used music as a way to comfort and bond with me, singing me lullabies as she rocked me to sleep.  My father used music for play, dancing around the house with the music blaring, and interviewing my brother and me on his make-believe radio show (the recordings of those silly shows are treasured memories in my family!).

I sang in choirs and musicals throughout school, and took piano and guitar lessons.  Through music I also was able to grow as a leader, creating and directing two a cappella choirs and directing a non-profit production with People International Incorporated. 

I earned a BA in Music Education and went on to teach elementary music as well as private voice lessons.  I am thrilled to now be a part of the Music Together® program!


"Jessica was great! She is energetic and creative! It was our first class and we had a great time!" 

"Jessica is very creative and passionate with actions and postures." 

"Jessica is a fantastic teacher who brings such great energy to the class. She encourages reluctant singers and steps it up with parents who aren't shy about using their pipes! Each semester we sign up for Jessica's classes and will be with her as long as Heartsong is lucky enough to have her on staff!"

"In addition to be being an excellent musician, Jessica is also a warm and caring individual who makes both children and adults feel welcome and comfortable in class. We have loved our time in her class and jumped at early registration to ensure that we'd be in her class again in the winter." 

"Jessica was wonderful!   She is very patient with the kids and the vibe in her class is calm but still upbeat and fun.  We will definitely take another class from her again."

 "We love Jessica! She is so positive and energetic and encourages both the children and parents to enjoy the class."

"Jessica has great energy and is very approachable."

"We love Jessica! She is consistently fantastic, session to session, and both of my kids love being in class with her. She encourages all of the kids in the class to participate, and the parents, too! She's both zen and energetic at the same time - I wish I could figure out her trick!"

"Jessica has always been one of the major motivations for coming to music class. She is delightful, enthusiastic, and a sheer joy to be around. My daughter and son love her. She encourages parents and children to let loose and enjoy life!"