Music Together® Online with Grandparents

Invite your child's grandparents to share the joys of music making with them by participating in a Music Together Online with Grandparents class! This is a mixed-age Music Together class for birth to age 5 where every family is welcome (but not required) to invite grandparents or other family members. These classes create a joyful connection among generations and engage the children musically, while also allowing them to bond with their extended family. In this time of social distancing, these classes are extra valuable for the grandparents, and they will create new, cherished memories for all. This is a family music making experience, and there is one price for the whole family!

Each weekly 25-minute Zoom class includes songs, chants, dancing and instrument play. Inviting grandparents is welcomed, but not required. Due to the online format, grandparents may live locally or anywhere in the world! They are all invited to participate in any way they are able and to join in on the fun and music making! 

Tuition for Music Together Online with Grandparents (birth through age five) for the 10-week Spring Session is $250 for the whole family! 


  • "Inviting grandparents to participate in the online Zoom music classes was an inspired gesture! It has meant so much to connect to my granddaughter, daughter, all the adorable children and other families during the teachers' unique and fun activities. Many thanks for the musical togetherness during this difficult time of social distancing!"
  • "Our weekly music classes with Ms. Liz brought so much joy and positivity to our week! Especially while social distancing, it was special to be able to do an activity on Zoom "together" with kids' grandparents. The kids lit up every time they saw their grandparents on screen, singing and dancing to the songs they had learned."
  • "We got so excited for class every week! It helped us stay connected to our grandkids while we were apart. It was fun for everyone!" 
  • “Our 4 kids are delighted to see their grandparents pop up in class, to sing and move to the music along with them, and they usually want to FaceTime them afterwards to talk about it. Even more delightful was seeing the happy faces of the grandparents throughout the class. They thank us every time for including them and sharing in the joy. Miss Liz does an incredible job making everyone of all ages feel welcome, connected, present, and joyful in the virtual class experience. Our kids feel very connected with her and excited to see her every time.”