Music Together® Mixed-age 0-5yrs

Mixed-age Music Together® Classes

In our Mixed-age Music Together class for newborns through 5 years old, you will find children and their families singing, dancing, and playing instruments together. There will be 8 to 12 children in each 45-minute class. You will come once a week and if you have to miss a class you can have 2 makeup classes during the session. You will hear laughter and a blend of diverse voices, and you will see smiles and looks of amazement and curiosity on the faces of parents and children. While some children sit in the laps of their parents or caregivers, others independently explore the room, the instruments, and their own movement in relation to the music. Some children are spontaneous singers and movers, while others are careful and astute observers. Even when your child gives no response or seems uninterested in listening or participating, important learning is still taking place. The young child's brain is twice as active as the adult brain and is soaking up the environment effortlessly and without fatigue and often reenacts the class once home!