Kerrie Graham


I’ve always been interested in music, and have had wide and varied musical tastes for as long as I can remember. Equally, I’ve enjoyed various performative pursuits throughout my life, including formal music, dance, and voice lessons, school and community choirs, amateur musical theater (ever the ham!), and even college rock bands. I sing constantly, and music is simply a part of my daily existence. 

I have a PhD in Anthropology from my native England. My research specialty was play behavior (especially in children and other primates!), and I was especially interested in cognitive/brain development. I moved to the United States in 2003, and to Austin in 2006. I spent many years as a tenured university professor: teaching, conducting research, and publishing research articles. 

I found Heartsong as a new mother, and it quickly became my “happy place”. A place where all families are accepted and welcome, and where as a community we build a musical playground each and every week. Both of my children have enjoyed being Music Togethered here at Heartsong. 

As a mother, an academic, and a some-time amateur performer, it is my profound privilege and joy to now be a Heartsong teacher, and to bring together my personal and professional experiences for a playful, musical community experience for you and your children. I can’t wait to sing with you!