Becca Myers

My first musical memory is of my grandmother playing her piano while my sister and I sang songs. When I was 6, I began piano lessons and continued for 10 years. I was actively involved in choir, theater, band and even some color guard from grade school through high school. Music is a constant in my life and I have used it effectively throughout my career with teaching thus far. 

I have a degree in early childhood education. I have been working with children my entire life, in daycare, schools and as a professional nanny. In all of my experiences and relationships with children, I have used music as a development and learning tool as well as for fun. At first, it was purely for my personal love of music and then it became obvious that this was a wonderful way to teach kids and have fun at any time, in any situation.

I moved to Austin from Seattle in 2006 and was ecstatic to find Music Together®. Since moving to Austin I married a wonderful man, becoming a step mom to Elliott, and have had two more children, Lila and Zane. It has been amazing to see all 3 of my children grow through the program. Music Together has definitely brought music into our home on a daily basis.

I hope to share the same experience with Austin families. 

Becca has completed her Certification Level I Music Together training. 


"She is great! Very high energy, patient with the kids and an excellent teacher overall. We look forward to her class every week. It is very clear that Becca cares about each of the families in her class."

"It's an amazing program and Becca is fabulous. our 20 month old has shown huge improvements in her expressive language skills since starting the program and we all love the singing and dancing! We can't resist a program that makes our children so happy!"

"We love Heartsong and Becca. Such a great class!  It's a cherished activity that I share with my kids every week. It's something that we all really look forward to since I work full-time and this is our sacred activity every Monday together. Thank you for sharing this with us and being part of our childhood memories!"

"Becca is incredibly wonderful, enthusiastic yet calm, informative, engaging, helpful and warm. She is connected with both the parents and the children and willing to take time to address questions. I can't recommend her more highly!"

"We love, love, love Becca!! My son and I enjoy the way she sings, moves and engages the group we are in every week. We have learned so much!! Thank you so much!!"

"We LOVE Becca!!! She has kids of her own and so knows what to expect from kids of different ages. She interacts wonderfully with the adults and children and my daughter is forever trying to emulate her in class and at home." 

"Becca is just wonderful-she does something different and fun every week. She is extremely patient and warm with the kids and my daughter simply loves her!"

"Becca is great at making the class fun and organized. She also provides educational/developmental information for the parents throughout the class.

"Becca is stellar, as always! My girls both love her -- so very personable, so good with letting the children explore in their own ways, and always in good humor!"

“Becca is enthusiastic, bubbly and a positive role model for children.  She makes music fun and encourages participation without making you feel on the spot. Children respond very well to her. She is a top notch teacher and a talented singer/auto harp player."

“It has been thrilling to watch my child's development throughout the semester. Becca is a very nurturing teacher and she opened my eyes to developmental achievements in my child that I may have otherwise missed.”

“Becca was wonderful, always cheerful, encouraging without pressuring, she knows how to set the stage and lead a group to a great musical experience. She has a beautiful, strong voice which is easy to sing along with. Her enthusiasm for music is contagious in its joyfulness.”