Michelle Jamail

As far back as I can remember, music has been a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of being in Vermont with my father's extended family and gathering in the living area after a great meal for a jam session. The sound of guitars, banjos, washboards, spoons (just about everything was an instrument!) and boisterous singing filled the air. What fun it was! Another memory is of my parents, my brothers and I huddled around a cassette recorder singing our hearts out. We would make tapes to send to my grandparents while we were living in Japan. It was a great way for us to stay connected with them and now the tapes are such a treasure!

I just love to sing and have done so in choirs and on my own all my life. I've definitely carried on the joy of music making that my family experiences instilled within me. I now play the guitar and have been composing songs. I have also been a grateful and enthusiastic parent participant of the Music Together® program with my two sons, Jason and Ryan. I completed the Music Together teacher training program in Jan 2005. I am so excited to be working with your families and making music together!

Michelle has completed her Certification Level I and II Music Together training. 


"We had a great experience. Michelle was very informative and enthusiastic. She kept our energy up. I appreciate that she included modern songs in some of our classes. That was a nice treat. I'd happily recommend her class to anyone."

"It is great how Michelle caters each class to the unique mix of individuals. She gives every child the same opportunities to participate individually every time, no mater if they have previous shyness etc. Her love of music is infectious"

"Michelle is wonderful. I say the same thing every semester because she is always on. She knows how to make everyone comfortable, draw people out, and encourage full on out loud enthusiastic participation even from naturally quieter parents and children. She affirms each child as an individual in their personal ways of participating and learning.""Michelle is wonderful. I consider her a friend and a role model as a mother and musician. We love her. I can't say enough good things about Michelle. It's hard to express just how much she means to us."

"I can never say enough good things about Michelle! Her musicle talent blows me away! On top of that she is a great teacher, always including everyone from the child to the parent, to the visiting relative. Her classes are really like a community."

"Michelle is wonderful. Each child and family holds a special place in her heart and you can tell by the way she interacts with the children and the parents. She encourages parents to let loose, which also helps the children be free to express themselves musically."

“Michelle is amazing. We have been in Michelle's classes since we started 15 months ago. I feel as if we really know her and she really knows us well. I cannot say enough how much we love her and enjoy her classes. She is energetic, engaging and just all-around amazing. She takes each child, and indeed each family, into her heart.”    

“The empowering and nurturing environment of Michelle’s class has allowed my daughter, Adeline, to thrive. Michelle has also been so supportive of me and the other mothers. There are several “first-time-moms” in our class and there have been many times that Michelle has reassured us when we experience self-doubt."

"Michelle is very interactive and enjoyable. The program is rewarding, inspiring and a positive impact. She has increased my son's curiosity and exploration of music. My child is so fascinated with music now."

"Michelle is very enthusiastic! The program has been amazing. My non-speaker has developed musical confidence and is no longer afraid to try and speak. She's becoming a chatterbox and acquiring more words every day. Thanks Michelle and Music Together!"

"In Michelle's class it is very comfortable, fun and educational for my daughter and me. It is an encouraging environment. It is a great experience unlike any other mother/child class!"