Family Contributions


Pete singing "Hello Everybody"

submitted by Laren Bellomy

Jaxon singing, dancing and playing along

with Jill to the Hello Song!

submitted by Amanda Wilson

Frieda playing the chopsticks and

making Music Together® with Mom!

submitted by Stephanie Atchley



Emily and Rosalie making Music Together at home with teacher Sally!

Rosalie making Music Together with teacher Sally!

Emily Primreaux and Connor enjoying Becca's video!

Sadie playing with her songbook and watching teacher Becca! submitted by Hallie Evans



~ My granddaughter Scarlett loves the classes.  My daughter puts it on TV and it always makes her smile.~ 


~Thank You for the videos, Ava is captivated! You and Heartsong are bringing us normalcy during this stressful time~


~Please let Becca know that my 3 year old one smiled and giggled at a mask for the first time today and I will be singing that song to him any time we venture out! He has been really intimidated by masks, despite our explanations and a few attempts at silliness with them, so a song was a perfect idea! The past 2 years of Heartsong have gotten us singing about all sorts of daily activities, so it seems obvious in retrospect, but that's why we need your classes in our lives (in whatever format they come in).~