Helpful Tips for our Zoom Class Meetings

Your teacher will email you a link to your weekly Zoom meeting. It is also found at the bottom of your enrollment confirmation email. This link will be the same each week. Please feel free to forward the link to your family members, but please do not share it with anyone else, unless they are family. We appreciate it! We would love for grandparents to join us! If you have young nieces and nephews who would like to join our class, please invite them to register, from wherever they are in the country, or in the world for that matter!! (We've had grandparents join us from Denmark, India, and Russia during our past sessions!) 

Setting up your account:

To sign up for your own free Zoom account, visit and enter your email address. You will receive an email from Zoom. In this email, click Activate Account. 

Downloading the Zoom client:

You can also do this ahead of time if you would like, since it takes a few minutes. You can download the Zoom Desktop Client for MacWindowsChromeOS and Linux, as well as the Zoom Mobile App for iOS and Android from the Zoom website's Downloads page. 

Joining a meeting:

Your teacher will email you an invitation email with a link to your Zoom meeting. It will be the same link you will use each week. In order to join a meeting, you'll be prompted to download the Zoom client software, if you haven't done so already. 

You will see this window when it's downloading. Once the software is downloaded, the Zoom software will allow you to join the meeting. Here is a link to an instructional video about how to join a Zoom meeting


Don't worry, it's easy!

Once you join a Heartsong Music online Zoom class, here are some guidelines on what to expect:

  • Enter 5 minutes early if possible, so we have a few minutes to greet one another! 

  • You will wait in the "waiting room" until your teacher brings you in. (We don't want any unwanted guests!)

  • Please change the name in your Zoom "box" to read EACH family member's name. (for example: "Mom Becca, Dad Mat, Lila and Zane")

  • Class starts when the "Hello Song" begins. The teacher will mute all the participants so you will only hear the teacher's voice. This way you will each get the most out of your Zoom class without other sound distractions. If we didn't mute everyone, the sound delay would make it impossible to hear the music and sing along with your teacher. Even though you are muted, be sure to sing and move and dance with gusto in your own homes!!!

  • All grandparents are welcome!! Please share the Zoom invitation with them.

  • Please let us know if you have a grandparent coming for the first time!

  • Music will last approximately 30 minutes. 

  • Stay and visit after the music ends, if you wish.

  • Please wave during the "Hello Song" and "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell" song when we sing hello and goodbye to your children! It's fun for everyone to see friends waving. Your teacher may have listed the children's names in the order we will sing them in the chat function for the "Hello Song" and for the "Goodbye, So Long, Farewell" song.

  • Please use the chat function to communicate with your teacher, especially when asked for ideas such as animals, colors, etc.! Your teacher may also ask you to unmute at times to give suggestions. Please remember to mute again once you've shared.

  • You may use speaker view or pin the teacher's square to see the teacher in a larger view during class.

  • You may use gallery view to see all your friends. 

  • Please have grandparents change their Zoom screen name to read whose grandparent they are (for example- "Charlie's grandma").

  • Inform grandparents they can pin YOUR square if they want to see just their grandchild in a larger view.

Missed your weekly Zoom class?

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